Looking Under the Hood

I’ve been going over in my head the dilemma of how I should approach these online dating blog posts with humor and witty banter while not being mean or judgmental. And then I decided that that can’t be done. So let’s just have a little good-natured fun with my massive superiority complex firmly in check, … Continue reading Looking Under the Hood

Fun with Texting

I fought the temptation to get texting capacity on my phone for some time. I even explicitly told my phone company I didn't want to be able to receive or send texts from anyone. Anywhere. At all. That was yet another foolhardy thing I was taking a stand on. I realized later that, like so many … Continue reading Fun with Texting

Man up! (or the Musings of a Former Delinquent)

My buddy Mitch (different Mitch) has lot to say about this journey of sobriety. In meetings and around the poker table, he frequently espouses on how me and the other guys in my group are really just a bunch of middle-aged guys trying to figure out how to grow up. At the meeting I chair, … Continue reading Man up! (or the Musings of a Former Delinquent)

Him (Can you take it?)

“Ahh, poor little guy. Shall I get you a tissue?” I lifted my head from my hands and looked at him. He lay in the hospital bed. Above him, monitors blipped, then blipped again. And again. I dried my face with the bed sheets and continued to stare at him. The man laying before me … Continue reading Him (Can you take it?)

Words, Exclamation Points and Laughing Out Loud Part 2

Okay, this is what I'm talking about. Just read this profile and I want to strangle her. Or stab her. With a dull knife. A butter knife. A rusty butter knife. And being animal lover, I got real excited when I first start reading the post.  At the very first. Then I started getting all … Continue reading Words, Exclamation Points and Laughing Out Loud Part 2

Words, Exclamation Points and Laughing Out Loud

You’ll forgive my rancor, but I got problems. I got problems with the way American English is being abused, brutalized and otherwise mistreated. I don’t say the “English language” because American English is a whole different animal than proper English. I’m talking about the Americanized bastardization which many people think is their birthright and the … Continue reading Words, Exclamation Points and Laughing Out Loud

Light the Match

I recently entered into a time-honored tradition in the brief history of the Internet: Online dating. This is a subject that is positively rife with material to spoof on. From Adult Friend Finder to EHarmony to Match to Plenty of Fish, this is a bottomless well for a jaded yet hopeful, sardonic yet sincere, hardened … Continue reading Light the Match