I’m Sure that I Could be a Movie Star

A couple years after I got sober, I saw a TED talk that played a big part in setting the trajectory of the next 7 years of my life. In the talk, researcher, educator and music writer Anita Collins presents the case for how the task of playing  a musical instrument can completely revamp our … Continue reading I’m Sure that I Could be a Movie Star

Rock and Roll and Richards

I’ve been trying to think of a good blog post topic for like an hour since regular and consistent blog posts are what is going to keep people coming back to My Zen Brain. Honestly though, I got nothing. I keep trying to convince myself that one of the articles I’ve saved about TBI or … Continue reading Rock and Roll and Richards


Maybe I live in an alternate reality from the person or people posing as “intosnarkness” on social media who wrote this chuckle-worthy mini-manifesto I saw on Facebook yesterday: “Hey take it from someone inching towards 40: Ignore the fun police. If you like it, order your steak well done. Get your bagel toasted with jam … Continue reading Doowutchyalike

Corporal Fizzlesticks

Today I was reading over this blog post I’ve been working on. It’s actually kinda good but it needs some work and I have reached a couple temporary dead ends on it so I put it down for the weekend. It’s not ready yet, it needs more time in the oven and besides, Depression and … Continue reading Corporal Fizzlesticks

5010 Madison Circle

I’ve never written about the guys. I shouldn’t anyway since it probably violates HIPAA and ZIPPA and ZIPPO and BIC and I think a couple of Canadian Fish and Game laws if I put my thoughts about working in an assisted living house out on the interwebs. So, let’s redirect here and write a post … Continue reading 5010 Madison Circle