Million Dollar Idea 3, Part 1

As a single man, there’s a lot about kids I have to come to understand over the years that a lot of parents probably realize pretty quickly. Take, for example, a child’s ability to walk. I was walking through the north terminal the other day and saw this kid, maybe 3, just doing a Flash … Continue reading Million Dollar Idea 3, Part 1


I don't believe in deathMany don't believe in GodNor do IAnd I do not disbelieveWhat happens when we die?Please ...Explain love.See?Heaven, Hell, LimboThe colors in our spectrumWhich always change Words in a foreign languageFor which we have none in oursAnd that's enoughBecause it has to beWhere is HereWhen is nowOur true selves cryAnd laughWe weep and … Continue reading Disbelieve

Birth of a Flirt

Disclaimer: The opinions, observations, musings and assertions in this blog post are mine and mine alone. I freely admit to the possible and likely errors of all of these and do not to pretend to really know if they are correct or not. It’s just what and how I think. Don’t judge. I don’t know … Continue reading Birth of a Flirt

He Ain’t Heavy

That’s a pretty tired line for me to use for a title for a post about my brother. I realize that. But hey, I’m from Omaha, the home of Boys Town and the birthplace of Father Flanagan’s mission to devote his life to the aid of wayward young ones. Besides, Flanagan was an Irish priest, … Continue reading He Ain’t Heavy

Him (Moment of Truth, Literally)

“I’m coming! I just have to sweep up the storage unit.” I walked back to the storage space, 9-2. I paid for it for 21 months. That number is ingrained on my brain. The lantern I had bought just for the purpose of navigating the space was pushed to the doorway and inexplicably off. I … Continue reading Him (Moment of Truth, Literally)