The Ongoing Saga of Housecleaning

     My mom has been integral and plumb necessary to getting my house back up and running. Although we do have organizational and compartmentalization systems that are completely different. Mine is mostly a plan based on the concept of “like items go with like items.” Cleaning supplies all go in one place, DVD’s and books … Continue reading The Ongoing Saga of Housecleaning

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

  “Oh, they didn't take the stove out too?" she asked. Greg and I looked at each other quizzically. "Who didn't take the stove out?" I asked. "The firemen." It's an honest mistake, I guess. After a fire, I suppose people do have instances of extremely mild PTSD. Although so far, I was handling it … Continue reading Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

Million-Dollar Idea, Pt. 4

A Facebook Friend recently posted a photo of her darling little dog (by the way, I am coming to dislike the term Facebook Friend. While accurate, it just somehow seems so impersonal, though a FB friend she is. And as I always say, it is what it is) after a dental extraction. I really sound very … Continue reading Million-Dollar Idea, Pt. 4

Fun with Texts, Pt. 2

I saw this thing on Facebook a few months ago that celebrated the fact that many people have made friends in various social networking avenues with people they’ve never actually met in person. This is overwhelmingly true for me in the Open Group for Bedlam Farm, a group solely devoted to creativity. One of my … Continue reading Fun with Texts, Pt. 2

Him (Dependence Day)

I cleaned up what little there was to clean up after the meeting that never happened. It’s Independence Day, I told myself. Of course there was no one here. “There was no one here, Ahab,” He commented from chair in the corner. “Not a one. That’s pretty pathetic.” I went into the kitchen and dumped … Continue reading Him (Dependence Day)