Alcoholism Pays Off!

I‘ve been unemployed for going on 2 months now. I never thought I would go this long without a job, but there it is. So far, I’ve completely cleaned out and reorganized the house pantry and today I took disinfectant spray to the garage refrigerator. I never thought I would be this guy. But then, … Continue reading Alcoholism Pays Off!

It’s Time to Throw Down

It occurs to me that in doing all the research for the book project, I’m going to have to have wicked stealth (good God, my sister-in-law is getting in my head. Like a certain other native of Massachusetts I know (I’m looking at you Lisa Dingle) my SIL hails from the state that postures itself … Continue reading It’s Time to Throw Down

The End of the Movie

“What, did you think you would hit a meeting and I would just go away?” He was sitting in the passenger seat, His trusty flask between His legs. “Surely you knew that wasn’t happening. I been with you all day.” I pulled the keys from my jacket and put them into the ignition. It was … Continue reading The End of the Movie

Dave, Elmo and Homerun Jesus

There’s a site in this town on which a pretty elaborate haunted house attraction takes place every Halloween. It’s called Scary Acres and as far as haunted houses go, it’s pretty cool. They have three attractions, the House on Haunted Hill, the Haunted Manor and some sort of scary woods set-up. I went there one … Continue reading Dave, Elmo and Homerun Jesus

Liz Day

-to   This is the "Very Sigler Holiday Blitz" I was talking about. The title pic is my sister and "her" book and my Mom's life-toneime friend Jackie and little ones. None of these are very good pictures because I suck at photography. Writing's my thing, so back off.   That's me and my niece … Continue reading Liz Day

Determination: The Battle of the Mule

  “There are only about 20 birthdays you should be allowed to celebrate. The other ones, you’re wasting cake and paper. Did you not see the Al Gore movie? We need to conserve cake and paper. We are running out.” -          Patton Oswalt   I turned 38 years-old today. I know, other than the salt-mostly-pepper … Continue reading Determination: The Battle of the Mule

His Christmas Story

I’ve bedded down on the couch to read. My sister-in-law, my sister, my parents have all gone to bed. But my brother stayed at Tim’s house. Said he’d walk home. I wanted to get the last 60 pages out of the way so I could begin the book by one of my favorite authors. But … Continue reading His Christmas Story

Tony Soprano to the ER

My commitment to technology has always been on a strictly need-to-know basis. I’ve never had the budget to afford the latest gadgets, so I’ve divorced myself from wanting them. For my birthday this year, my parents are giving me an IPod Itouch and I’m pretty excited because, short of accessing the Hubble Telescope, you can … Continue reading Tony Soprano to the ER

Of Headaches and Halos

Old Man Winter turns out the light early And the darkness outside breeds darkness in our lives We rise later and sleep so soon And in the frost and cold breathes misfortune And death We huddle together, sharing what little warmth we have And the lone robin sings a sad song     We laugh … Continue reading Of Headaches and Halos