The Back Forty, Ch. 2.4

Cain put the last Legos in place to complete the cab on the monster truck. All he had to do now was build the wheel wells and put in the four wheels in the box and he’d be done. Not exactly a difficult set, but Cain knew it was more about giving him something to … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 2.4

The Back Forty, Ch. 2.3

Hearing her scream, Sassy came charging out of the thick trees and ran into Madeline. The puppy began licking her face out of love, then out of hunger as it tasted the raw, rotting offal. Overjoyed to see the puppy, Madeline pulled Sassy to her as she got up and held the puppy tight, kissing him … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 2.3

The Back Forty. Ch. 2.2

“Sassy!” she shouted as she walked. “Come to mommy!” Panic grew with each step and Madeline changed directions again, this time in no particular direction at random. She had become more concerned about the dog than her location. She could hear the voice of her husband chastising her for thinking the dog could handle being … Continue reading The Back Forty. Ch. 2.2

The Back Forty, Chapter 2

Madeline crossed over the property line that separated her home from the Mine Hill Preserve. She wasn’t worried about finding her way back. When she and Colin had first married, the two of them had crossed over into the preserve many times and she felt like she knew the terrain of the area that led … Continue reading The Back Forty, Chapter 2

The Back Forty, Ch. 1.5

    They called it “the back forty.” But really, the Mine Hill Nature Preserve encompassed a lot more than 40 acres of forest. Within a week of his family obtaining their “family dog” (Cain’s father held his perfect family unit in high regard in terms of appearances), Cain’s mother had readily taken to waking … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 1.5

The Back Forty, Ch. 1.4

Sasquatch had clown feet. He practically tripped over them as his puppy vigor and scatterbrain led him all around the house, poking his nose into every nook and cranny, and there were plenty of those. Madeleine, Cain’s mom, put together a house that was almost regal in its simplicity. Every room was open to the … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 1.4

The Back Forty, Ch. 1.3

Cain sat on the bench for 10 minutes, staring at the clouds as they swirled to the south. Then, as if broken from a trance, he stood up abruptly and walked around to the other side of the house from the one he had taken to the back yard. He pressed down and lifted up … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 1.3

The Back Forty Ch. 1.2

  Penny insisted on being called Penelope now, but Cain called her Penny like he did when they were together. She didn’t seem to mind. She had insisted on at least dinner and a night at her place before Cain made the drive from Boston to the house. Penny always made a great baked ziti … Continue reading The Back Forty Ch. 1.2

The Back Forty, Ch. 1: Sabbatical

“Can I get a large pumpkin spice latte please?” he said as he pulled out his wallet. “Do you mean a tall?” The girl behind the counter typed something on her phone, then slid into her pocket. He closed his eyes, sighed, then looked at her. “You have three sizes, right?” She seemed startled at … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 1: Sabbatical