Him (Paying Rent)

I filled my QuickTrip travel mug full of coffee, Heath flavored creamer and Sweet ‘N Low and went outside on the porch. Cigarette lit, I drew on it and sighed a deep sigh. I had seen that Mitch texted me when I checked my phone inside. Now it was time to read. But just knowing … Continue reading Him (Paying Rent)

Love Your Darlings

Years ago I was talking to a writer friend about her craft. She wrote professionally and reflected that in her profession, you often have to “kill your darlings.” This refers to the sad reality (at least for the one doing the writing) that very often, your most dear and (at least to you) poignant words … Continue reading Love Your Darlings

Gimme Your Card

  I’ve always wanted to use that in conversation for any reason. Brother Wilmot used to say that when I went to the all-boys Catholic high school. “Your card” was your demerit card and “Gimme …”meant that you were probably about to get JUG (Justice Under God), the Jesuit euphemism for detention. But this post … Continue reading Gimme Your Card

Your Next Thought

     Mitch had been a great guy to have in my side in sobriety.     He recently celebrated 9 years of sobriety and I had an in-depth conversation with him at the Cornhusker Roundup about being a single guy a sobriety.     That situation itself has proved interesting to say the least because I don’t have the … Continue reading Your Next Thought