The Apple and the Daffodil

A year ago, I reflected on the nature of the seed and the beauty of the inherent potential all of us has within us. Reading a book by Thich Nhat Hahn today I came to a beautiful augmentation of my understanding of the possibilities of the nature of the seed. The true nature of the … Continue reading The Apple and the Daffodil

Million-Dollar Idea 5

You’d think that by this time, someone would have put one of my million dollar ideas into production and started reaping the rewards, yielding me with enough intellectual property revenue from selling one of these ideas to the highest bidder that I would be a multi-millionaire by now. But alas no, nothing yet. I’m patient. … Continue reading Million-Dollar Idea 5

Him (Wails of Desperation)

I hear you Gnashing your teeth The desperate, desert cry of despair And it makes me smile I know you are close So close to the one that brings it all to a close You almost made it 3 years Almost You thought you would dance You thought you would sing You thought the pretty … Continue reading Him (Wails of Desperation)

Who Hid My Phone Cord (Get it? Like “Who packed my parachute?”) ?

I just got home from the gym and there it was. My phone cord. In my lunch box. Where it always is. I have two phone cords and the one I speak of is the one I use when I am at work. See, with my current job (I say “current’ because I won’t be … Continue reading Who Hid My Phone Cord (Get it? Like “Who packed my parachute?”) ?

Planning for the Past

So many things I wish I had done Kisses savoured, loves cherished The purple, massive shroud of lost hopes A seductive temptress of should And for what? Regret? Remorse? The stifling, black cloak of singing suns missed? So many mornings turned to evenings before my very eyes As I clucked hooves down a path of … Continue reading Planning for the Past

Why Flywheel Should Hire Me

Like a couple million other Americans, I missed much of the tech revolution because I was busy with other things. When I was 22, I did move to Seattle near the beginning of the all-out information technology assault on the American economy and American culture, but my contribution was limited to writing content for the … Continue reading Why Flywheel Should Hire Me

You Gotta Walk Before you Can Crawl

“I’m having flashbacks,” I said. “What do you mean?” Mom asked. “It’s like I’m making this walk on one of those days where I didn’t practice enough all week and she’s gonna yell at me.” So it went that I walked the block I walked starting almost 30 years ago over to Mrs. Fogarty’s house. … Continue reading You Gotta Walk Before you Can Crawl