Eat Your Heart Out, Robert Frost

       Full disclosure: I’ve read admittedly very little Robert Frost. Me and my friend Greg, who really sort of made me want to write, among other influences, and who I now coincidentally share a bathroom with, use to have to read Frost for our AP English class senior year in high school. And we … Continue reading Eat Your Heart Out, Robert Frost

For Jack Sigler, 1934-2014

  Dear Jack, I got 2 years sober June 23. Next month. I wish you could have been here for that. It’s probably not very important to you, but it would have meant a lot to me. But then again, we do share the Sigler gene of loving history. It would have been nice to … Continue reading For Jack Sigler, 1934-2014

Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 2

He raised one eyebrow. “What?” “I said the sun is shining.” I looked over at the plate-glass window, then returned to Him. “I’m going for a walk when I get home. Afterwards, I’m going to write this blog post.” “Y’lost me,” He said. “Let me explain so you’re jacked little booze-riddled noodle can wrap its … Continue reading Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 2

Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 1

I knew He would show, I just didn’t know where or when. I sat in the waiting room of the same clinic that I had taken the positive drug test 4 years before. I flipped through the Sports Illustrated, feeling that semi-annual twinge of regret that I just don’t get as much into the nuts-and-bolts … Continue reading Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 1

Million Dollar Idea 3, Pt.3

If your sensibilities are a bit too delicate to stomach the idea of sending a mild electric current through your child’s body in order to save the price of another ticket to your destination, I have another idea that should suffice, and this is a lot of fun. That’s right. Imagine your little one gets … Continue reading Million Dollar Idea 3, Pt.3

Million Dollar Idea 3, Pt. 2

There’s really only 3 or 4 parents at any one time who are braving the waters of traveling with a toddler. But there is enough smoking, flaming Elmo-sized juggernauts to warrant some kind of deterrent to dissuade them from even trying to cross the Point of No Return (PONR) at the TSA checkpoint. So, to … Continue reading Million Dollar Idea 3, Pt. 2