Him (Low)

“You’d probably have to do a pretty precise swan dive, but you could get the job done,” He said. He was leaning over the railing on the six floor of the parking garage. The open-air floor; the one outside. “Nice use of a semi-colon there, Few people even know how to use them anymore,” He … Continue reading Him (Low)

Admitting Triumph

Since I got sober, I’ve tried a few different things. I tried the Veterinary Technician program at a local community college and it didn’t work. I tried going back to work at the Humane Society and it didn’t work. Notice I’m using the words “it didn’t work” rather “I failed.” Andy Andrews said that failure … Continue reading Admitting Triumph

Determination: The Battle of the Mule, Part 2; The Sunshine Hula-Dancer

In my more maudlin moments, and I seem to be having in inordinate amount of those lately (more so when I have to start work at 4 AM) due to entering my second month in search of a decent paying job with semi-normal hours and a little (okay, I’d prefer a lot of) room for … Continue reading Determination: The Battle of the Mule, Part 2; The Sunshine Hula-Dancer

A Slice of Pie, Please

“My native, hard-wired inclination to mix, intermingle, even fuse in my novels the tragic with the comic, the ugly with the beautiful, the romantic with the gritty, fantasy with reality, mythos with logos, the sensible with the goofy, the sacred with the profane. Critics hard a time with this approach, finding it challenging to comprehend … Continue reading A Slice of Pie, Please

the Cat Needs Water

“I love smiles and laughter. If one wants more smiles in one’s life, one has to create the right conditions for it.” Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama of Tibetan Buddhism These things happened this morning: Upon waking, I posted a song by Antonio Vivaldi on Facebook. I do this most mornings. I recently took a … Continue reading the Cat Needs Water