Fox News is Right

Actually, the full title of this blog post is “Fox News is Right (or I’m not wrong and neither are you). Sorry if I kinda duped my right-wing readers into reading this post, but I think you’ll find it worth it. We all bring our own experiences, knowledge and emotions to any discussion (because that's … Continue reading Fox News is Right

The Wisdom of my Elders

I’m preoccupied with age. Maybe given even a slightly different set of circumstances, I would let go, just a little, this obsession that at this point, I should have it “all figured out.” The fact that I don’t and, more than that, am starting at the squarest of ones at age 39 weighs heavy on … Continue reading The Wisdom of my Elders

Poem: Demons and crows

This is my trail The map given to me decades ago by those who didn’t know better It’s not their fault, nor is it mine, That this map no longer holds sway Cursed and blessed with diseases like smallpox on the western front The trail is overgrown now with white moss, ravenous, relentless Slowly encroaching, … Continue reading Poem: Demons and crows

Shakespeare’s Dilemma

“Consider the lichen. Lichens are about the heartiest visible organisms on earth, but among the least ambitious … they particularly thrive in environments where no other organism would go, wherever there is only rock and rain and cold and almost no competition. Lichen are in fact a partnership between fungi and algae. The fungi excrete … Continue reading Shakespeare’s Dilemma