Dead Poets Honor

No one would have dreamed of doubting your fireThe flame to make us laughAnd to feel, think and weepYou gave Neil the courage to be PuckYou gave Will the courage to be realAnd you gave Reeves the courage to smileWhen Lorne had his birthdayYou poked fun at BuseyAnd all kneeledIn praise of the Fisher KingBut it … Continue reading Dead Poets Honor

Him (Rude Awakenings)

I saw Him coming through the door out of my peripheral vision and kept eating. He didn’t go to the counter to ask, merely strode over to the soda fountain and filled up my water bottle that was half-filled with brown fluid. He came and sat down across from me at the table. He took … Continue reading Him (Rude Awakenings)

Him (A Heavy Bat)

“Well, you made it through the fire without drinking. Kudos and crap.” He sat in the recliner in the living room as I sorted through the mountain of bills and other mail on the dining room table. “Can’t take credit for that,” I said. “That was Greg’s doing,” I said. “Ah yes, your old buddy … Continue reading Him (A Heavy Bat)

The Making of “Doggie Dentures”

I always wanted to do a “Making of …”movie. What would be totally bitchin’ is to do a “Making of the Making of” movie. But I couldn’t really do a “Making of the Making of ‘Doggy Dentures’” cuz that would just be a movie of me typing at my computer right this moment. Not very … Continue reading The Making of “Doggie Dentures”