Casper and his Gang

They’re everywhere, it seems Casper and his gang The ghosts who lurk behind every corner The ones who will rat you out Then rout you out They’re on the other end of the phone The wise man said this would happen, that they’d come for you Giggling and plotting in their white bed sheets Tempting … Continue reading Casper and his Gang

Portrait of the Artist as a Groundhog

I wasn’t going to post anything today. I was going to hammer out the latest installment of The Back Forty tomorrow, which I still will probably do. But as my new piano is downstairs, I have to walk past all the boxes of crap I put out of sight and mind until now. Plus, I … Continue reading Portrait of the Artist as a Groundhog

Him (Fear)

“Why aren’t you smoking?” He said. “You’re always smoking.” “I’m quitting,” I said and chomped on the nicotine gum harder. As always, I knew this was coming. That He was coming. He always does. “Trying to quit, huh?” He looked on the bench next to me and ruffled through the plastic bag. “Oh, you’ve got … Continue reading Him (Fear)

Nuts and Smokes: The Art of Quitting

“Obnoxious, self-righteous slugs aren’t they? I’d quit smoking if I didn’t think I’d become one of them.” Bill Hicks I hate ex-smokers. Not in the way you hate you worst childhood bully or Kim Jong Un. In the way that you just can’t stand being around your born-again Christian friend or that guy who has … Continue reading Nuts and Smokes: The Art of Quitting

The Back Forty, Ch. 2.4

Cain put the last Legos in place to complete the cab on the monster truck. All he had to do now was build the wheel wells and put in the four wheels in the box and he’d be done. Not exactly a difficult set, but Cain knew it was more about giving him something to … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 2.4