Sunrise on the Bluffs (or “Beaver Snacks for All!”)

  Sometimes, things in Omaha defy common sense. Take the drive to the airport. Driving east from the downtown Omaha area, the road careens northeast and suddenly, a sign heralds “Welcome to Iowa!” or some such thing. If you had a road map in the car, you would probably bust it out post haste because … Continue reading Sunrise on the Bluffs (or “Beaver Snacks for All!”)

Southwest is Paging Him, Part 2

“And what’s that?” He asked as He walked alongside me. “You’re forgetting how she feels about what I’m doing,” I said, motioning to the sweet old woman in the wheelchair sitting at Southwest Gate 16. We stood at in the walkway just outside the gate. Florence sat in the chair maybe 10 feet away, her … Continue reading Southwest is Paging Him, Part 2

Southwest is Paging Him, Part I

Midwest gray is a special kind of gray. Especially in February. A looming dome of glum sits over the world like a cup closing over a flame. And the bubbling promise of spring is still four scores away. “How ya enjoying that Lean Cuisine, Tubby Guts? It was only a matter of time before He … Continue reading Southwest is Paging Him, Part I

Reflections on a Seed

Acorns. Poppies. Like the redwood and the bonsai, seeds encompass all manner of different potentials. We are the same. Like the vastness of different seeds in the natural world, each of us comes into this world with our own genetic makeup. Some seeds large, some small, and all have their own special natural code written … Continue reading Reflections on a Seed

20 (Or The Art of Juggling)

       Yesterday, I gave myself a gift. Toys R Us didn’t have a juggling it, but I did buy 2 pink and one lime green Swoosh-thingys. That and the You Tube video How to Juggle should be enough to get the Swoosh rolling. Actually, that’s why I bought Swooshes and not balls. So they … Continue reading 20 (Or The Art of Juggling)