Busted Brain Journal: Cortisol Dump

When I went to bed on Monday, I actually felt pretty good. I have no idea why because for the previous hour and half, my eyes felt that burning sensation around the corners when you know that the tears are gearing up for a cortisol dump. Cortisol is the stress hormone and crying releases it. … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Cortisol Dump

Busted Brain Journal: A Dome Appears like Black Sorcery

One of the features I want to add to my new blog when I switch platforms is the Busted Brain Journal. The BBJ is musings, insights, and observations to share with the world. Different from my personal journal entries in that I won’t be commenting in friends, family, work or love in any specific sense. … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: A Dome Appears like Black Sorcery

Genesis 46: Joe’s Garage

Whew! This is the last post on Genesis and after the business with Joseph revealing his true identity to his brothers and the whole family having a big old party since Joseph isn’t dead despite his brothers all but killing him, Jacob and his other sons load up all their livestock and wives and the … Continue reading Genesis 46: Joe’s Garage

Going Southpaw, Part 3

Intellectually though, I wondered if there wasn’t a distinct difference between using macro-muscles hitting a baseball as opposed to smaller muscle groups like I did when I was cleaning. I decided I would try this non-dominant hand experiment with a man’s most fundamental need and desire. The one men do almost every day. It’s all … Continue reading Going Southpaw, Part 3

Going Southpaw, Part 2

I retired a career .300 hitter. It’s not as impressive as it sounds, but for me, it was all the validation I needed at the tender age of 12 to make the A team coach and all the jocks in my 8th grade class go suck eggs. I was arguably the least popular kid in … Continue reading Going Southpaw, Part 2

Going Southpaw

For all the research I’ve been doing on the intricacies of brain function, right hemisphere vs. left hemisphere and neuron connections and such, I had a moment two weeks day that has, once again, reinvigorated my fascination with neuroplasticity and how it effects what’s going on with the rest of our bodies. I mean, I’m … Continue reading Going Southpaw

Run Away! Run Away! Part 3

My 2007 Hyundai Sonata has a sporadic sunroof. Most days it works just fine. But when it has been raining a lot in my town, the sunroof will open just fine, but then when I push the button to close it, it closes all the way, then thinks better of its decision and opens right … Continue reading Run Away! Run Away! Part 3