He’s a Connected Guy

That title is a quote from Donnie Brasco. This post, however, is not about Donnie Brasco, though it is about movies. See, years ago, my family began accruing movies that we would all gather around to watch on Christmas Eve. As the years went on, though, it got kind of ridiculous. We started with some … Continue reading He’s a Connected Guy

The Making of “Doggie Dentures”

I always wanted to do a “Making of …”movie. What would be totally bitchin’ is to do a “Making of the Making of” movie. But I couldn’t really do a “Making of the Making of ‘Doggy Dentures’” cuz that would just be a movie of me typing at my computer right this moment. Not very … Continue reading The Making of “Doggie Dentures”

The Ongoing Saga of Housecleaning

     My mom has been integral and plumb necessary to getting my house back up and running. Although we do have organizational and compartmentalization systems that are completely different. Mine is mostly a plan based on the concept of “like items go with like items.” Cleaning supplies all go in one place, DVD’s and books … Continue reading The Ongoing Saga of Housecleaning

Fun with Texts, Pt. 2

I saw this thing on Facebook a few months ago that celebrated the fact that many people have made friends in various social networking avenues with people they’ve never actually met in person. This is overwhelmingly true for me in the Open Group for Bedlam Farm, a group solely devoted to creativity. One of my … Continue reading Fun with Texts, Pt. 2

Fun with Texting

I fought the temptation to get texting capacity on my phone for some time. I even explicitly told my phone company I didn't want to be able to receive or send texts from anyone. Anywhere. At all. That was yet another foolhardy thing I was taking a stand on. I realized later that, like so many … Continue reading Fun with Texting