The Back Forty, Ch. 2.3

Hearing her scream, Sassy came charging out of the thick trees and ran into Madeline. The puppy began licking her face out of love, then out of hunger as it tasted the raw, rotting offal. Overjoyed to see the puppy, Madeline pulled Sassy to her as she got up and held the puppy tight, kissing him … Continue reading The Back Forty, Ch. 2.3

Light, Laughter and Facebook

I always feel sort of guilty around Christmas. Any cards and gifts I receive the year round make me feel great knowing that another person was thinking of me and I try to return the favor to others. Paying it forward, if you will. I know when another person sends me a card or gift … Continue reading Light, Laughter and Facebook

Buddha was a Lush

Last night, I received a message from my ex. It was the third time she had called me this month. I consulted my friends about it weeks ago and explained to them all the reasons I had not called her back after about 8+ months of absolutely no communication. Then, I told them the minute … Continue reading Buddha was a Lush

He’s a Connected Guy

That title is a quote from Donnie Brasco. This post, however, is not about Donnie Brasco, though it is about movies. See, years ago, my family began accruing movies that we would all gather around to watch on Christmas Eve. As the years went on, though, it got kind of ridiculous. We started with some … Continue reading He’s a Connected Guy

The Back Forty. Ch. 2.2

“Sassy!” she shouted as she walked. “Come to mommy!” Panic grew with each step and Madeline changed directions again, this time in no particular direction at random. She had become more concerned about the dog than her location. She could hear the voice of her husband chastising her for thinking the dog could handle being … Continue reading The Back Forty. Ch. 2.2