Fun with Texting

I fought the temptation to get texting capacity on my phone for some time. I even explicitly told my phone company I didn’t want to be able to receive or send texts from anyone. Anywhere. At all. That was yet another foolhardy thing I was taking a stand on. I realized later that, like so many things, there was definite possibilities for humor in texting. And that makes it worth a look-see. Besides, once I admitted that text messages are no different than private messaging someone on Facebook, well, what was I objecting to exactly?

I have threads of texts with many people spanning months and even years, same as private messages. One of these is with my mother, a woman who I have a healthy amount irreverence for, especially when it comes to her aptitude with new technologies. I mean, I’m sorry, but sometimes she just sets herself up and I have no choice to mock her. This weekend was one of those times. I was trying to find out about a friend in town from Brooklyn whose parents live quite a little ways away.


Mom text1

So far so good. Knowing how important getting to my home group AA meeting is to me, she asked if I would be joining them for dinner the night I had my meeting …


Mom text 2

As you can see I just can’t let some details go, no matter how minute.


Mom text 3

It’s okay, I offered to do the dishes that night, so I think I’m back in the black.

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