Genesis 34:1

Good morning! I’m not saying that as a salutation or because I actual mean it. I’m saying it in place of “Jesus Christ” or “Goddamn!” because those phrases wouldn’t fit a series of Bible analyses because they’d be too literal. Plus, I’ve taken to using “Good morning” in place of “Good God” or “Goddammit” in … Continue reading Genesis 34:1

Him (Reunion)

“What, you’re crying already?” He is sitting in the chair Da’s friend gave me to put in my living room. I’m sitting on the couch and Zimmer the Golden Retriever is snoozing beside me. Poor guy. He had a long day. Started with the first trip to the dog park of the year in all … Continue reading Him (Reunion)

Genesis 25:19

For a superior being, you would think God would have made a better match-maker. Sarah didn’t even give birth to Isaac until she was too old to have kids anymore and Isaac’s wife Rebekah was sterile. So, once again, God had to do the deed and “made” Rebekah pregnant (not to say that there was … Continue reading Genesis 25:19

Genesis 10:8

When I think of writers that are going to make me laugh out loud (not to be confused with LOL) I think of guys like Chuck Klosterman. I never knew Moses and his boys were going to be among the most fun to read (although David Cross did warn me of this once. The … Continue reading Genesis 10:8

Genesis 3:5

First, a little mental housekeeping. I just looked up 5 guys involved with this group of scholars/public speakers I’ve been following lately known collectively as the Intellectual Dark Web. It’s this group of men who meet publicly on stage and on each other’s podcasts and discuss all manner of ideas from spirituality to technology to … Continue reading Genesis 3:5