Words, Exclamation Points and Laughing Out Loud Part 2

Okay, this is what I’m talking about. Just read this profile and I want to strangle her. Or stab her. With a dull knife. A butter knife. A rusty butter knife.

And being animal lover, I got real excited when I first start reading the post.  At the very first. Then I started getting all stab-y:


“I Love animals, especially dogs!! I guess my friends always describe me as a very soft hearted person! I love to laugh and have fun! Life is too short for drama & negativity! Absolutely love stock car racing, grew up watching them! I’m looking for someone that is not a liar or a cheat!

I love spending time w/ friends & family! Playing games, watching movies! Fourth of July is my favorite holiday! I’m in “Awe” when it comes to fireworks ( ya kinda weird I know ;)!Hanging out with friends drinking by a fire is my idea of a great time

I absolutely love stock car racing, sprint cars, anything to do with racing! I love camping, sitting by a campfire,just talkin, having a great time! I’m very outgoing & can pretty much strike up a conversation with anyone! I live to make others laugh.

  I don’t like to read 😉 well I take that back,I read my 4 year old books ;)”

And that last line. Oh man. Makes me think of reading in an article in Mother Jones years ago. It was like a survey questionnaire thing and it had different categories of what people were reading these days. The first category was “Don’t read. Hurts ma brain.” Yeah, that.

Man, this one is just teeming with jokes. But I’ll close with the last joke and call it a day. That “anything to do with racing” line. My friend Dan once said “I’m leery of anyone who’s idea of a good time is watching people turn left for three hours.”

One thought on “Words, Exclamation Points and Laughing Out Loud Part 2

  1. drinkin’ by the fire. Smiley faces and exclamation points. i feel the stabbing urge. She sounds too superficial to waste a moment more. Is she ALL LIKE 18?


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