I’m Sure that I Could be a Movie Star

A couple years after I got sober, I saw a TED talk that played a big part in setting the trajectory of the next 7 years of my life. In the talk, researcher, educator and music writer Anita Collins presents the case for how the task of playing  a musical instrument can completely revamp our … Continue reading I’m Sure that I Could be a Movie Star

Rock and Roll and Richards

I’ve been trying to think of a good blog post topic for like an hour since regular and consistent blog posts are what is going to keep people coming back to My Zen Brain. Honestly though, I got nothing. I keep trying to convince myself that one of the articles I’ve saved about TBI or … Continue reading Rock and Roll and Richards


Maybe I live in an alternate reality from the person or people posing as “intosnarkness” on social media who wrote this chuckle-worthy mini-manifesto I saw on Facebook yesterday: “Hey take it from someone inching towards 40: Ignore the fun police. If you like it, order your steak well done. Get your bagel toasted with jam … Continue reading Doowutchyalike

Corporal Fizzlesticks

Today I was reading over this blog post I’ve been working on. It’s actually kinda good but it needs some work and I have reached a couple temporary dead ends on it so I put it down for the weekend. It’s not ready yet, it needs more time in the oven and besides, Depression and … Continue reading Corporal Fizzlesticks

5010 Madison Circle

I’ve never written about the guys. I shouldn’t anyway since it probably violates HIPAA and ZIPPA and ZIPPO and BIC and I think a couple of Canadian Fish and Game laws if I put my thoughts about working in an assisted living house out on the interwebs. So, let’s redirect here and write a post … Continue reading 5010 Madison Circle

Soup to Nuts

I’d say I’m about a week away from my podcast launch. The process, from soup to nuts, has been pretty seamless from the GoFundMe campaign through until this afternoon when I made a dry run recording. Barring any unforeseen issues, I expect to have Season 1 Episode 1 of the My Zen Brain podcast out … Continue reading Soup to Nuts

Busted Brain Journal: Jitters

Today I read a few blog posts penned by friends. For both of these FB friends (hopefully they will be more than just FB friends before the end of the year but more about that later,) they were personal experience posts because they are personal experience blogs. I go back and forth about whether My … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Jitters

Poking my Head Out

Hey there. I have no real reason for a blog post today, except to tell you there’s some pretty big doings on planet MZB (Duh. My Zen Brain, silly.) First, I thought I should probably say thank you again for the money from the GoFundMe campaign. I’m about 2 weeks away from a launch. A … Continue reading Poking my Head Out

Empty Calories (Or how I learned to stop feeling sorry for myself and get to gettin’)

Okay, so the title of this post is deceptive. Not the “Empty Calories” part of the title. That part is straight forward, or as straight forward as two words with absolutely no context can be. I mean the “(Or how I learned to stop feeling sorry for myself and get to getting’) part. Because you … Continue reading Empty Calories (Or how I learned to stop feeling sorry for myself and get to gettin’)