The Stripper and Fur Elise Part 2

(The names have been changed to protect people. I say “people” and not “the innocent” because we were after all addicts and alcoholics and most of us had more than a few skeletons in our respective closets.) Michaela had fake boobs. Actually, I really didn’t find out enough about her to know if she had … Continue reading The Stripper and Fur Elise Part 2

The Stripper and Fur Elise, Part 1

The Stripper and Fur Elise O’Neil, Nebraska is a pretty dull place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting it down or anything. I mean, I think Valley Hope was probably put there by design. See, if you’re getting a bunch of alcoholics and addicts in one place to dry out, what better place to … Continue reading The Stripper and Fur Elise, Part 1

Beauty Boy

Inspired by Brooke Lowry I wish I could tell you all about the day Stacey brought him to see me at the hospital. I wish I could tell you  the sliding door swooshed open and there he was, tail wagging and jumping on me and telling me how much he missed me. I wish I could you tell … Continue reading Beauty Boy

Moment of Clarity

In AA, it's called a moment of clarity. Or it's an epiphany. Or the light bulb set ablaze in your noggin. My mom calls it my moment of grace. The "Ah ha!" moment. A hundred different things to call it, the event is the same. Something clicked and I'll never be quite the same way … Continue reading Moment of Clarity

“Son, we’re pilgrims in an unholy land.” – Henry Jones Sr.

Okay, let's get this straight right off the bat. I am NOT a misogynist. As Henry Rollins said, I think women are poetry in motion. But, it didn't take long into my journey in the animal care and control field to realize that a staggering majority of my coworkers were and would be women. When I … Continue reading “Son, we’re pilgrims in an unholy land.” – Henry Jones Sr.

Newton’s Take

That's Newton. He's a Burmese Mountain Dog that comes into the Hotel fairly regularly. I've had a special affinity for huge dogs ever since I got into the business. Newfies, St. Bernards, Akitas, BMG's, anything that looks like it could be wearing a saddle, I love it. I've always said that what I would really … Continue reading Newton’s Take

Maiden Voyage

Well hello there. Fancy meeting you here. Alright enough with the pleasantries. Why did I start a blog. Really, it seems more and more these days, asking a writer why he started a blog is like asking water why it's wet. That's the simple answer. The more elaborate answer would be I want to hold … Continue reading Maiden Voyage