Him (Low)

“You’d probably have to do a pretty precise swan dive, but you could get the job done,” He said. He was leaning over the railing on the six floor of the parking garage. The open-air floor; the one outside. “Nice use of a semi-colon there, Few people even know how to use them anymore,” He … Continue reading Him (Low)

Him (The Sad Reality of what Could Have Been)

I leaned over the railing and watched as He rode the escalator up to my floor. He was sitting on one of the steps and jumped up at the last moment. He strolled down to where I stood, took a big drink from the bottle of wine he carried, then leaned on the railing next … Continue reading Him (The Sad Reality of what Could Have Been)

Him (Paying Rent)

I filled my QuickTrip travel mug full of coffee, Heath flavored creamer and Sweet ‘N Low and went outside on the porch. Cigarette lit, I drew on it and sighed a deep sigh. I had seen that Mitch texted me when I checked my phone inside. Now it was time to read. But just knowing … Continue reading Him (Paying Rent)

Him (Rude Awakenings)

I saw Him coming through the door out of my peripheral vision and kept eating. He didn’t go to the counter to ask, merely strode over to the soda fountain and filled up my water bottle that was half-filled with brown fluid. He came and sat down across from me at the table. He took … Continue reading Him (Rude Awakenings)

Him (A Heavy Bat)

“Well, you made it through the fire without drinking. Kudos and crap.” He sat in the recliner in the living room as I sorted through the mountain of bills and other mail on the dining room table. “Can’t take credit for that,” I said. “That was Greg’s doing,” I said. “Ah yes, your old buddy … Continue reading Him (A Heavy Bat)

Him (Dependence Day)

I cleaned up what little there was to clean up after the meeting that never happened. It’s Independence Day, I told myself. Of course there was no one here. “There was no one here, Ahab,” He commented from chair in the corner. “Not a one. That’s pretty pathetic.” I went into the kitchen and dumped … Continue reading Him (Dependence Day)

Him (Can you take it?)

“Ahh, poor little guy. Shall I get you a tissue?” I lifted my head from my hands and looked at him. He lay in the hospital bed. Above him, monitors blipped, then blipped again. And again. I dried my face with the bed sheets and continued to stare at him. The man laying before me … Continue reading Him (Can you take it?)

Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 2

He raised one eyebrow. “What?” “I said the sun is shining.” I looked over at the plate-glass window, then returned to Him. “I’m going for a walk when I get home. Afterwards, I’m going to write this blog post.” “Y’lost me,” He said. “Let me explain so you’re jacked little booze-riddled noodle can wrap its … Continue reading Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 2