Hiatus, Sabbatical and other Foreign-sounding Words

In the spirit of spiritual sacrifice, I’ve decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I know, I know, you’re thinking “Um, Ash Wednesday was last week.” I know Ash Wednesday was last week. Like any honest, well-meaning lapsed Catholic, I’m coming up late on my penance. “Dude, seriously, I thought you went and got all … Continue reading Hiatus, Sabbatical and other Foreign-sounding Words

The Uphill Warrior

As part of a unified effort, I, along with hundreds of other bloggers, pledged to devote one post on February 20th to the concept of compassion. You can read all the blog posts by going to the blog 1000 Speak for Compassion. It took about 20 minutes of thought for me to determine what my post … Continue reading The Uphill Warrior

My Serene Jumbled Chaos

On a mad, driven search for truth For love, lust, pleasure and pain To blatant, teeming, chaotic spans Cacophonies of thriving cold, damp earth Of subways and mountains Arenas, coliseums and the lunatic minstrel shows Fanning the flames of wanderlust Only to come to this calm, secluded path Leading to the bodhi tree And the shrouded, … Continue reading My Serene Jumbled Chaos

Empty Calories: So Much to Say

At first the task seemed incredibly daunting. How would I go about what seemed like it would be the arduous chore of documenting everything about the last 10 years into a fluid seamless narrative? I mean, how do you do that when you have significant problems with your memory and are not really sure if … Continue reading Empty Calories: So Much to Say

I Hear Lavendar

The sweet, solitary color A distant, elder sister of my dreams Confident and unique in your style and hue A smooth lost melody Singing on dawns forgotten To the raw and stark black, white and gray of this time and place You giggle and turn away And hold your note Loud and clear in a thin … Continue reading I Hear Lavendar


The windswept plains of time reveal The losses of battles, forgotten A warrior king stands in his tent A servant boy dons him with the armor of war Once again, he prepares His sword sheathed at his side, For battle For love An enemy, unseen and unnamed, lies on the other side of a distant … Continue reading Chainmail


Mount Rainier levitated in the clouds across Puget Sound. I sat on the beach, water rippling up to my bare feet. I looked down the beach towards where the Sound emptied on to the Pacific Ocean. Turning in the other direction, I saw him sitting about 30 feet away. He turned his head slightly in … Continue reading Reawakening