I Lack Discipline? You Lack Compassion

A friend of mine sent me a link to a Facebook post that everyone should read. I’ve provided a screenshot of it here so you can read her words of wisdom. Now, I get it. The motivation behind this phrase is painfully obvious: “If you don’t come out of this with a new skill, you … Continue reading I Lack Discipline? You Lack Compassion

Ezekiel 25:17: Deuces

Alright, this one isn’t about Ezekiel 25:17, but I thought Sam Jackson would be a perfect herald back into my narrative of the Bible. Let’s start at the beginning of Ezekiel. Moses drops us off, rather abruptly really, right in the wake of Joe and his entire family expiring, “but the Iraelites were fruitful and … Continue reading Ezekiel 25:17: Deuces

Busted Brain Journal: December

I debated using the format where two voices, both in my head, are talking to each other for this post. It’s always pretty much the same. One voice in my Id, my emotional side, the one that cries at movies about loss and transition and emotional evolution like Dead Poets Society (that side also bawls … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: December

Tiny Blossom

From three rows back from the altar, I stared into the little girl’s eyes and into her heart, I smiled at her smile as tears streamed down my face. Without thinking, took my father’s hand in my left and my mother’s hand in my right. The choir sang a stream of songs, one intertwined with … Continue reading Tiny Blossom

Busted Brain Journal: Frozen Alligator Fauna

Busted Brain Journal: Frozen Alligator Fauna I chose that title because the ones I considered were just pat and cliché and this is my first post in quite awhile, so why not? I assure you, no alligators were frozen, burned alive or otherwise maimed during the course of this blog post. Well, except for Larry. … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Frozen Alligator Fauna

Writing about writing

Hi. ‘Sup. Haven’t really written in a while. I mean really written. I know. Been really, really busy. I know. Do you think it would have kept my mental health and stability and outlook more up than down? I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter. You’re right. I know I’m right. I changed so many … Continue reading Writing about writing

Poem: The Lulls

The Lulls are for lovers The Lulls are serenity My age is showing, and my predicaments We’ve come to love the Lulls There’s no tragedy in the Lulls There’s no tumult in the Lulls The Lulls are long walks with dogs on Saturday nights The Lulls are calm waters on the creek The Lulls are … Continue reading Poem: The Lulls

John Cusack is Dead. Long Live John Cusack

I started going out with my very first “girlfriend” at the tender age of 16. In that relationship, which lasted all of 3 months, I was cut right out of central casting as the quintessential Lloyd Dobler wannabe, complete with the goofy perv trenchcoat and my trusty boom box. Me and my Diane Court would … Continue reading John Cusack is Dead. Long Live John Cusack

Mundane Brain Journal: Blogging, smoking and Stuffing My Fat Pie Hole

Sure, my brain is damaged and there’s plenty of life moments that I experience differently than most. But there’s also plenty of stuff that I and other TBI survivors don’t have a monopoly on. Hence, the Mundane Brain. I smoke. I’ve gotten down to 2-3 packs per week, but anyone remotely connected to the heath … Continue reading Mundane Brain Journal: Blogging, smoking and Stuffing My Fat Pie Hole

For the Sober, the TBI Warriors, the Tested, Tried and True

Some of us wear our scars For all the world to see Others have sustained wounds Hidden from you and me   The sober know, like no one else The rage, frustration and loss Of our true selves, our lost nature So buried beneath the moss   Of booze and drugs, grown over our souls … Continue reading For the Sober, the TBI Warriors, the Tested, Tried and True