For the Sober, the TBI Warriors, the Tested, Tried and True

Some of us wear our scars

For all the world to see

Others have sustained wounds

Hidden from you and me


The sober know, like no one else

The rage, frustration and loss

Of our true selves, our lost nature

So buried beneath the moss


Of booze and drugs, grown over our souls

Hiding the decay and rot

We once hosted at our core

Boarded-up houses next to vacant lots


Those among us who’s bell was rung

Time and time again

Our damaged brains inside our skulls

Our scars inside our skin


We weep in sorrow in pillows at night

Come out swinging with white hot rage

To best a foe we cannot see or comprehend

Whose methods of the devil are made


We try, we try, we try to grasp

This reality we don’t understand

Nor do we have a map or a guide or sage

To lead us across this foreign land


We damaged, we broken, we splintered folk

Trust me, we’re doing our best

To get just one more mostly even keeled day

To come home and take our rest



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