Poem: The Lulls

The Lulls are for lovers

The Lulls are serenity

My age is showing, and my predicaments

We’ve come to love the Lulls

There’s no tragedy in the Lulls

There’s no tumult in the Lulls

The Lulls are long walks with dogs on Saturday nights

The Lulls are calm waters on the creek

The Lulls are nothing much really

There’s not much to do in the Lulls

Meet the Lulls with gratitude

Without the Lulls, exhaustion

Without the Lulls, chaos

Without the Lulls, there’s just too much to do

The Lulls announce themselves with a gentle nudge

Reminding us that there is no us

Just the world, just reality

Just a cup of coffee in the morning on the balcony

The Lulls don’t require your attention

Lulls only gently ask for it

Hold the Lulls close; That’s all they want

The Lulls are off the clock; the Lulls are fast and fleeting20190908_021745134_iOS

The Lulls are not boring

The Lulls are the calm before the storm

In the air, you can smell it

In the wind, it sings a quiet song

Then vanishes forever


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