Run Away! Run Away! Part 2

When Siddhartha Gautama sat in meditation for days and days in that seminal moment 2500 years ago, he did so beneath a bodhi tree. As in, the bodhi tree. The very same bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa) is still alive in thriving at Bodh Gaya near Gaya, India. So I figured the very least I could … Continue reading Run Away! Run Away! Part 2

Run Away! Run Away!

A week ago, I participated in my first Zen retreat (see what I did there with the title? See, cuz “retreat” in the context of combat and the Monty Python reference …) It was my first retreat since high school where I think the last retreat I went on (or at least the last one … Continue reading Run Away! Run Away!

7 Years in My Head

See what I did there? Alright, I’ll admit that was a lame attempt at linking my conversion to Buddhism to the Tom Cruise movie Seven Years in Tibet. Honestly, I haven’t seen the movie and don’t intend to. That was just my attempt to use a play on a pop culture reference to rope you … Continue reading 7 Years in My Head