Liz Day



This is the “Very Sigler Holiday Blitz” I was talking about. The title pic is my sister and “her” book and my Mom’s life-toneime friend Jackie and little ones. None of these are very good pictures because I suck at photography. Writing’s my thing, so back off.



That’s me and my niece Izzy.  She goes by Lisabella too, among other names, but I call her Izzy after the rhythm guitarist from Guns ‘N Roses. Don’t judge.



That’s Mom and her dear friends Judy and Martha and Judy’s daughter Melanie. Mom has been friends with these girls forever. Melanie has cerebral palsey and is Judy’s daughter. Mom references Judy a few times in the about Liz.



You can speak with my attorney:

That’s me and Boyo.  Boyo was in our fantasy baseball league, has been Da’s friend for years and has also served as counsel for the defense (me).



The calm before the storm: That’s all of us the morning of the party with Seamus at Dave’s feet. He likes me better.




Me and brother Dave and Tim. Tim’s mom and my mom living next door to each other as kids. Pretty cool to be able to put Tim down as a reference and in years known, put “37”. God, I really need to stop with the closed grin and smile the big goofy smile I usually have in photos when I am not trying look dignified. Chicks dig that smile.



That’s all of us. When I see photos of family and friends with 17 grandkids in the picture and the grandparents glowing with pride, I feel really bad. Like I let my mom and dad down. Then I consider how lucky I am to have the family I do and realize it’s not the amount of grandkids that make grandparents happy. It’s the amount of love that is shared between the family you do have. You play the hand your dealt.

To quote Sam Malone, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.



One thought on “Liz Day

  1. I like your closed grin. Combined with your cocked eyebrow it makes you look rakish. But then, I just your old married cousin, not some hot chick, so who really cares what I think????!!!


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