Can you keep a secret? Pt. 2

“Put yourselves there,” I said.”Say I somehow get through this Vet Tech program as planned. And that, friends, is almost impossible now given my grades. But say I somehow rally and pull it together this semester. Next semester and every semester after this is going to be even harder. I mean, next semester alone is … Continue reading Can you keep a secret? Pt. 2

Can you keep a secret? Pt. 1

“Alright guys, huddle up. We need to talk.” “What about Him?” Cornelius Aloysious Andronicus motioned to Him. “Don’t worry about him,” I said. “He’s been drinking Old Style and cheering for the Tigers all day. He’s passed out.”   Aloysious put down his book, The Second Chance Dog: A Love Story.  “This better be good. … Continue reading Can you keep a secret? Pt. 1

No Excuses

”It's okay, Had a bad day Hands are bruised from Breaking rocks all day Drained and blue I bleed for you You think it's funny, well You're drowning in it too Everyday it's something Hits me all so cold Find me sittin' by myself No excuses, then I know “No Excuses”                       Alice in Chains … Continue reading No Excuses

Open Letter to a Classmate

All due respect, but you seriously need to shut up. Just, please, stop talking. You and I paid the same amount of U.S. dollars to attend these classes, so I feel I have the right to tell you this. If you don’t stop trying to relate every damn thing we talk about in every class … Continue reading Open Letter to a Classmate

Supid as You Think You Are?

I left Dodge Hall and walked out to my car. After putting my bag in the trunk, I put the key in the door and got in. “So?” He said “Shut up.” I started the car. He was dressed as a clown. Not like Bozo or Cookie, though. More like Pennywise in It or John … Continue reading Supid as You Think You Are?

Him, Revisited

I think most, if not all, Irish boys think their mothers should be nominated for sainthood. And that’s mostly because of their ability to tolerate the things their Irish sons put them through. That certainly goes for my Mom. One year, my brother and I found all sorts of quotes about the Irish and printed … Continue reading Him, Revisited