Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 1

I knew He would show, I just didn’t know where or when. I sat in the waiting room of the same clinic that I had taken the positive drug test 4 years before. I flipped through the Sports Illustrated, feeling that semi-annual twinge of regret that I just don’t get as much into the nuts-and-bolts … Continue reading Him (Scene of the Crime), Pt. 1

Him (Moment of Truth, Literally)

“I’m coming! I just have to sweep up the storage unit.” I walked back to the storage space, 9-2. I paid for it for 21 months. That number is ingrained on my brain. The lantern I had bought just for the purpose of navigating the space was pushed to the doorway and inexplicably off. I … Continue reading Him (Moment of Truth, Literally)

Him (Some Perspective)

This will be a quick one, more of “stream of consciousness” writing than I usually do. And I had a whole nother blog post in mind for today about my job at the airport. And I will post that one eventually. But you see, I just found a towel. The towel was in the dryer … Continue reading Him (Some Perspective)

Southwest is Paging Him, Part 2

“And what’s that?” He asked as He walked alongside me. “You’re forgetting how she feels about what I’m doing,” I said, motioning to the sweet old woman in the wheelchair sitting at Southwest Gate 16. We stood at in the walkway just outside the gate. Florence sat in the chair maybe 10 feet away, her … Continue reading Southwest is Paging Him, Part 2

Southwest is Paging Him, Part I

Midwest gray is a special kind of gray. Especially in February. A looming dome of glum sits over the world like a cup closing over a flame. And the bubbling promise of spring is still four scores away. “How ya enjoying that Lean Cuisine, Tubby Guts? It was only a matter of time before He … Continue reading Southwest is Paging Him, Part I

Daily Reprieve: Putting Him in His Place

The bars of the cell slammed open and I stepped forward. He was laying on the metal slab that was bolted to the wall in the Drunk Tank. Roused and rickety, He forced Himself up into a sitting position, His festive, multi-colored paper top hat perched crookedly on His head, a thin trickle of dried … Continue reading Daily Reprieve: Putting Him in His Place

The End of the Movie

“What, did you think you would hit a meeting and I would just go away?” He was sitting in the passenger seat, His trusty flask between His legs. “Surely you knew that wasn’t happening. I been with you all day.” I pulled the keys from my jacket and put them into the ignition. It was … Continue reading The End of the Movie

His Christmas Story

I’ve bedded down on the couch to read. My sister-in-law, my sister, my parents have all gone to bed. But my brother stayed at Tim’s house. Said he’d walk home. I wanted to get the last 60 pages out of the way so I could begin the book by one of my favorite authors. But … Continue reading His Christmas Story

And the Reaper Sighed

I have a confession. Since I got sober almost 18 months ago, I think about death a lot more than a man my age should. Before you go, let me explain because I can hear your hand moving towards that left-click button. Didn’t know I could hear you did you? Well I can, Just let … Continue reading And the Reaper Sighed