Busted Brain Journal: Let go and Let God

This one irks me no end. Take control of your life with TBI and/or alcoholism.

The thought that the Creator of the Universe has any control over your recovery from these things implies that you do not. If you do something to further your recovery from alcoholism or a TBI, you did that. “God” didn’t do that, you did.

God did not do that.

You did that.

And if you “Let go and let God” and the results continue to suck, guess what? That means that “God ” maybe, just consider it, but maybe …

“God” doesn’t give 2 shits about how well you do today.

Take control. Do what’s right and true for you. Stop relying on some mythical invisible man to fix everything. Maybe “God” has more important things to worry about.

“God” allows gang rapes in Africa and tsunamis that destroy entire villages in the Philippines. “God” allows honor killings when a father kills his own daughter because her rape brought shame to the family. “God” is allowing my 5 year-old cousin to go fast and quiet from an inoperable brain tumor.

Maybe “God” is just an asshole who doesn’t care about what happens on this blue-green ball we call home.

Maybe there is no “God ” and we’re on our own. Seek the advice and solace and wisdom of others. Seek out friends, have faith in your fellow humans. Don’t rely on “God” to make everything rosy again.

Maybe “God” is a myth and we created “Him” to make ourselves feel like we’re not alone.

Just my two cents.

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