Like the taste of Soap? Soberpod!

My AA friend Mitch (I call all my friends in recovery Mitch so as to protect their anonymity) always says that when you get sober, you resume maturing at the exact time you started drinking and using, thereby halting the process of most of your personal development. So, for me, that explains my potty mouth. And thank the Maker there are others in recovery who understand exactly where I’m coming from on that.

Today I’m promoting SoberPod. Vehemently. With all my heart and soul, especially if you’re like me and you are 43 years old and you still drop an F-Bomb in front of coworkers occasionally. I even dropped an H-bomb in front of a superior at work once and immediately regretted it when I saw the polite smile on her face while, as I perceived it, she calculated that I could never run the Housekeeping department if I thought my fellow supervisors and vice-presidents also saw no problem with having the mouth of construction worker [Writer’s note: The fact that I once was a construction worker is an excuse, but a pretty lame one.]

But Holy Shit (see, I did it again. And I could go and edit that one out but that would defeat the purpose of this post entirely.) The folks on SoberPod have the conversation that takes place after the meeting (at least the one that me and my Mitches have), only they record it and broadcast it and promote it on Twitter. Thank you to Carl, Steve and Ellen (I don’t have to Mitch these guys because, like me, they have adopted the “I’m sober and I don’t care who knows” modus operandi.)

And let’s be clear. Just because my Twitter and Facebook handles are My Zen Brain does not mean that I have the self-discipline of a Buddhist monk. I don’t even have the mental vocabulary of a Catholic priest. And even after only three episodes of SoberPod, I know that these guys are going into heavy rotation in my podcast collection.

Keep it up guys and if you are newly sober, have a few years under your belt, or you’re like my grand-sponsor Mitch (who incidentally was a truck driver and it still comes out occasionally,) check them out. They have great ideas about what it means to truly embrace sobriety as a life path and do it with humor, vulgarity and even the occasional kernel of wisdom. Or as the saying goes, they “trudge the road to happy destiny.”

I’ll let you guess what you’re trudging through.


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