My name Is Andy Sigler

Hi. My name is Andy Sigler and I’ve brought you such blogs as And well, that’s it.

So you’re probably saying to yourself, “Good god Andy, what is it with you and the Invites and name changes and the rest of it?”

Relax. Because it gets even more complicated.

Communicating with a man who is very much involved in the TBI community on the east coast, I had a rude awakening. The name is too much. If you are telling someone you just started reading a blog by a guy who is seven years sober and has suffered a traumatic brain injury and the someone says “Hey, I too have a traumatic brain injury/am in recovery and would like to read an informal blog about one man’s experience with both that will provide laughter, thought-provoking content and other oddities. I’ll laugh, I’ll cry, it will be better than Cats! What’s the name of this blog you speak of?”


“I’m sorry, did you say Newman’s cake?”


“Okay, got it. FewMensShakes.wordpress …”

You see where I’m going with this.

So, I changed the name of the blog and because the folks over at Facebook like to make things more complicated that they need to be, I had to start a whole new fan page for this my new blog.

Only I’m still not done yet. You may see some changes in the near future and, I promise, maybe only one more Invite to like yet another Facebook fan page. I don’t know yet, I’m still figuring things out. Regardless, all my past content is still here as well as the categories and what not.

I tried to find a similar format to the old blog and I like this one.

The photo? Me and Superman, Buzz Lightyear, Annakin Skywalker and I think Princess Buttercup.

SO that’s it for now. No witty banter. No tearjerker stories. Just stay on this train with me. We’ll get there directly.


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