What Do You Want From Me?

So in order to pare down or build up or spread out or whatever is the future of the Blog to Be Named Later, this is the 2nd attempt at my appeal to my (meager, but hopefully building!) audience to know what, if anything you would like me to research, who you would like to (try at least and then, hopefully) interview, or what you just want to know about the three topics I know best. Originally, I was going to call the new blog/podcast/YouTube channel “I’m No Expert” because, well, I’m not an expert at anything really (except for, so far in my life at least, extreme mediocrity.)


Be books, products, articles, workout regimes, movies, knitting needles, toothpastes or whatever, I will be relying on YOU to tell ME what you want to know or what my opinion is on all things that relate to addiction and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, Traumatic Brain Injury and Meditation (I consider myself a Zen Buddhist, but the topic of mediation in general is a fascination/obsession of mine and I’m always looking for new ways to explore, examine, criticize, scrutinize, hypothesize and verbalize it.)

So let’er rip and let’s get this new project of mine moving.

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