Finding the Now

This week, I gave a presentation at the TBI support group meeting on meditation and how it benefits the brain post-traumatic brain injury. Keep in mind, it was my first attempt at public speaking, well, ever. I think I did fairly well.

Before my presentation, several people in the support group expressed frustration at their inability to sit still for more than a couple minutes and even more difficulty remaining focused. Now bare in mind, these folks had no idea I was about to give a presentation about these very things and how meditation can really help in the brain’s ability to do these very things because their minds start racing with thoughts of the future, the past and the present. As I point out in the video, that’s kind of the point. Other than being distracted towards the end by the guy with an inexplicable grin on his face as he rested his head on the shoulder of the woman sitting next to him (!?!), I made it I completed my presentation unscathed.

Anyway, I’m posting the three parts of the presentation on my trial YouTube page and you can see them here, here and here. This is the first time I’m embedding YouTube links in a post. Here’s hoping it works.


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