It’s in the blood

So my mother started up with a WordPress blog of her own recently. It really is spooky, and I have told her as much, the similarity in our writing styles. Of course, she has her own particular idiosyncracies, but overall I think sometimes you could switch a few pronouns here and there and not be able to distinguish who is doing to writing.  And, as anybody who has clicked on the Text Ed link on this blog knows (and if you haven’t, why haven’t you?) this extends to all forms of writing. We both seem to have a pretty even-keeled voice whether we’re talking about that which we both have spirited opinions or the most mundane of subjects.

for example:


As I think I’ve mentioned before, I typically have a “2  f-bomb” rule with my mother. Which is to say, whether it’s in conversation, texting, public speaking, etc., my mother usually grants me two opportunities to drop an F-bomb. I use it wisely. Anyway, Often when texting, I will drag out the texting experience with her either because I have nothing better to do or, for whatever reason, I’m feeling surly/playful that day.


Clearly this was one of those days. At this point, my affinity for the historic inevitably comes out. In this case, it was apparently international politics of the Reagan/Bush years.


At this point, I was just bored and wanted a diversion. Sadly, as with many of our text exchanges, Mom was far too busy with her well-earned life in retirement for my antics.


And so it goes.

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