Gimme Your Card

Thanks Card


I’ve always wanted to use that in conversation for any reason. Brother Wilmot used to say that when I went to the all-boys Catholic high school. “Your card” was your demerit card and “Gimme …”meant that you were probably about to get JUG (Justice Under God), the Jesuit euphemism for detention.

But this post is not about punishment but reward. Specifically, my reward for sharing myself with the Creative Group for Bedlam Farm, the rest of Facebook and the world through my writing. I have had such a positive response and so many compliments about my blog ( if you’re interested. And really, why wouldn’t you be?) that I decided I needed to do something about the overwhelming gratitude I feel.

I got this idea the other day when I bought a card for my good friend’s daughter who was about to start her first day of pre-school. As I signed the card “Love, Andy (Your dad’s friend)” something clicked. When I went through all the get-well cards I received when I was in the hospital 10 years ago, many of them were signed “ {Person’s name], your Dad/Mom’s friend”. Then I realized that for many people, and especially folks like me who don’t have any kids, we often follow the lives of our friends’ and loved ones’ children with great interest. When the child makes them happy, that makes us happy. And when the child is in dire straits, as I certainly was when I was sick, my parents went through more anguish and worry than anybody should ever have to go through. So when their friends sent cards to me and them, it was such a simple act of love and kindness and yet it means so much to us. I have gone through that box of cards a few times and I am simply overwhelmed, sometimes to tears, every time.

In the past, I penned a thank you of one sort or another to the people in my Facebook creative group who gave so freely of themselves when I moved in to this place. But when I signed that card to Clementine Vankowski (That name is the amalgam of my friend’s last name and his wife’s last name and it’s his daughter’s legal name. The guy’s a freakin’ genius), I realized that what I really wanted to do was pen an individual Thank You card for every person who contributed to the kitty of gifts that’s smoothed that transition into this place. Some gave cash, some gave gift cards, some gave other gifts of yoga mats and sage and a mystic turtle rattle and other things. In the time since I’ve moved in, I’ve received other gifts from other friends in said creative group in the form of books by a renowned Buddhist author and another written by the sender herself. I cherish each and every one of these things and intend to send a card to all of them.

And just think, you too could be the recipient of one of these great cards. All you need to do is send me a gift! Yes, it’s just that simple.

“Thank you.” Like so many things, it’s pretty easy to say and sometimes, not really mean it. But when the thanker really looks the thankee in the eyes, or sends a card, you truly take it to heart that person is thanking you for being who you are.

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