In Love with a Stranger

I will always love you

I have never met you

I want to get lost in your eyes

Are they blue, brown, pale

Are they mine?

Are you real?

Photos of old girlfriends

Photos of me

Photos of all the places we will go back to

When I find you

When I know your name

When we’ve spoken of all the things we’ve done

And the things we will do, together

When we meet

I have a sad story

To give you strength

Because you are not me

No one has ever been me

I’m used to being alone

Though I have never been alone

I have never wanted you more than I did today

Someone to smile at me, to love me

Like no one ever has or ever will

I have to believe in you, like I believe in myself

That part came easy, you just never stop

Feeling your way through life

Until the day I find you

What a glorious day that will be

When I finally find you

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