Busted Brain Journal: Memory

Imagine you are a painter. You’re standing in your studio in front of a blank canvas and your task for the next week is to replicate the Mona Lisa. You don’t have a print or photo of the painting to go off of. Instead, you must rely strictly on memory, which is gonna be a … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Memory

Busted Brain Journal: Desire

I’m halfway through One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps by Kevin Griffin. I was a little suspect at first because he quoted Noah Levine a couple times at the start of the book and Noah Levine has had a lot of bad press lately. I don’t judge what he is accused … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Desire

Twitter is for Nazis

Did I get ya? Relax Facebook fans of My Zen Brain. That was just a little thought experiment I ran just now to see if an incendiary title would finally crack the code of bringing more Twitter users to this site. I’ll check my Stats at the end of the day to see if it … Continue reading Twitter is for Nazis

Busted Brain Journal: Empty Calories

I first started to cultivate the idea of book almost four years ago. It was going to be about my experience/ordeal/project/healing journey that spanned the time beginning just before I had my TBI 14 years ago through until I checked into alcohol rehab 7 years ago. Then, as any writer will tell you, life happened. … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Empty Calories

Busted Brain Journal: Back to the World

I just got back from a little mini-vacation to visit my brother and his family in Rhode Island. I was a good trip and I really enjoyed being them, going to the beach, eating Atlantic lobster rolls, running on the beach front and meditating at a little ocean front park the day before I left. … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: Back to the World

Busted Brain Journal: If they don’t stop the train, I’m jumping out the window.

Yesterday. I met with a man who works for the Brain Injury Alliance of Rhode Island. We spent almost 2 hours talking about our respective brain injuries and it turns out he has the same classification I do of having an "acquired brain injury" rather than a "traumatic brain injury," a distinction which still eludes … Continue reading Busted Brain Journal: If they don’t stop the train, I’m jumping out the window.