Who Brought the Sheep? Part 2

My brother and I trekked off to Rapid City after our short sojourn through the Black Hills. Because we had another day on our trip we wouldn’t be spending in the Hills, we decided to journey down to the Badlands. Dave had a friend who was studying to be a Jesuit (think Pope Francis) at … Continue reading Who Brought the Sheep? Part 2

Who Brought the Sheep?

The summer before I embarked on my collegiate adventure in Chicago, my brother Dave took me backpacking for the first time. Well, let me go back. It was “backpacking” in the sense that yes, we did indeed load up backpacks with tents and food and camping stoves and many socks and trek out into the … Continue reading Who Brought the Sheep?

Daily Reprieve: Putting Him in His Place

The bars of the cell slammed open and I stepped forward. He was laying on the metal slab that was bolted to the wall in the Drunk Tank. Roused and rickety, He forced Himself up into a sitting position, His festive, multi-colored paper top hat perched crookedly on His head, a thin trickle of dried … Continue reading Daily Reprieve: Putting Him in His Place