Corporal O’Malley Reporting for duty

  I hate being unemployed. Can’t bloody stand it. It’s not that I have trouble filling the time. I got that nailed. And maybe if I was an independently wealthy millionaire with nothing but time to go to the gym, conjure up new blog posts, hang out with my sponsor and go to a meeting, … Continue reading Corporal O’Malley Reporting for duty

Numb Nuts

“I’ve never had friends like the ones I had when I was twelve years old. Jesus, does anyone?” -          Gordie LaChantz When I was at Valley Hope, every night, there was a gratitude circle. It was something that was started long before I got there and I heard not long back that it was still … Continue reading Numb Nuts

Thelonius Monk is my Girlfriend

When you are a single, childless man at my age, you learn to improvise. Many of the freedoms I have do tend to get a little commonplace, so it helps to spice things up a bit. That’s where Monk comes in. One thing that is suggested in my new way of approaching life is a … Continue reading Thelonius Monk is my Girlfriend

I told you you weren’t done yet

It’s 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. Could you sleep knowing He is in the room? Sitting in a chair in the corner, his cigarette flares and then dims again in the darkness. Utter silence except for an occasional slosh in a bottle, the soft breeze of his inhale, then a stronger exhale. … Continue reading I told you you weren’t done yet

The Recipe for Guacamole and why I am here

Dia De Los Muertos A good friend of mine posted on Facebook today in remembrance of all those she has loved and loss and those she has never met at all on this the Day of the Dead. I’m getting a little misty just writing this because, as many who are close to me and … Continue reading The Recipe for Guacamole and why I am here